-Fill in the affirmative form of the verb.
Only write full forms.
1. He ... (to play) football right now. 2. Be quiet! The baby ... (to sleep). 3. I ... (to study) English. 4. They ... (to listen) to some music. 5. Look! It ... (to snow). 6. Joanna ... (to work) today. 7. We ... (to build) our own house.
· Fill in the affirmative form of the verb.
Only contracted forms.
1. The train ... (to go) through the tunnel. 2. The kids ... (to picnic) in the park. 3. You ... (to lie) to me! 4. They ... (to run) in the park. 5. She ... (to prepare) tea. 6. It ... (to rain) at the moment. 7. I ... (to travel) alone this summer. 8. Call 999! This man ... (to die).
· Fill in the negative form of the verb.
Only full forms.
1. The sun ... (to shine). It is raining 2. The baby ... (to cry). It is sleeping. 3. I ... (to go) to school this week. It is a holiday! 4. She ... (to wear) a coat today. 5. They ... (to work) hard. They are being lazy. 6. Jimmy and Ann ... (to argue). They are having fun. 7. He ... (to run). He is sleeping. 8. You ... (to be) silly.
· Fill in the negative form of the verb.
Only contracted forms.
1. He ... (to lie). He's telling the truth. 2. Joanna ... (to work) today. She's at home. 3. We ... (to build) our own house. We are renting a house. 4. Thomas ... (to swim) in the river. It's too cold. 5. She ... (to play) basketball right now. 6. Grandfather ... (to sleep). 7. I ... (to study) Chinese. I'm learning French.

· First read the whole conversation, then fill in the verbs.
Use contracted forms if possible.
Robbie: Hi Mike! What ( to do/you) ? Mike: I ( to go) to the bank. What about you? Robbie: I ( to look) for a new tennis racquet. I ( to play) a lot of tennis at the moment, so I need a new one. Mike: Where is Maria? Do you know? Robbie: She isn't in England at the moment. She ( to work) in France for amonth. She (to sing) in a night-club. Mike: Really? What about Tina and James? What (to do/they) ? Robbie: They ( to study)for an exam. They're in the library at the moment. Mike: Well it was nice to see you again, but now I have to go. Bye.