The Simple Past Tense is used

To express an event completed in the past

يستخدم الماضي البسيط مع حدث تم بالكامل في الماضي.

For Example:
. I performed Al-Fajr prayers early morning.
I went to Eygpt last weekend.
Ahmad arrived at our house yesterday.

A verb is turned into past by adding (d or ed) at the end of the
يتحول الفعل الى الماضي بإضافة (d or ed) الى نهاية المصدر
For Example:
. He arrive(d) yesterday.
She prepare(d) food last night.

There are some irregular verbs
هناك بعض الأفعال الشاذه يجب حفظها

For Example:
. I (write) wrote a letter last week.
I (buy) bought a house last year
I (read) read a story yesterday

Sell- sold , drive-drove, go-went, meet-met, give-gave, get-got
Take-took, forget-forgot, come-came

The Simple Past Tense is usual with words or phrases that are time indicators:
هناك كلمات وعبارات داله على الماضي البسيط
{ Yesterday, last, ago, in the past, year (in 1973) }

For Example:
We played Volleyball yesterday.
I visited my family last week.
I was in Canada a year ago.
In the past, man used horses for traveling around
In 1973, Arabs defeated Israel.
In 2006, Lebanon defeated Israel

Verb to be

I -----------------> * Present * am ----------------> * Past * was

He , She , it ----------> *Present * is -----------> * Past * was ------------> * Past Participle* been

We , you, they ----------> *Present* are ---------> *Past* were

************************************************** ********

For Example
I have been to England two times.
He is always busy

Examples for Past simple tense:

I (study) English yesterday.
I studied English yesterday.
She (buy) fruits last week.
She bought fruits last week.
In 2007, I (get) my PhD.
In 2007, I got my PhD.

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